The genus Spathiphyllum was recently revised by G. S. Bunting (Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 10, 3, 1960, p. 1—54). Engler (Pflanzenr. IV.23B Heft 37, 1908, p. 118) concluded that the closest relative of Spathiphyllum was the small Papuan genus Holochlamys Engl. and placed it in the Spathiphylleae, the second of two tribes of the subfamily Monsteroideae. The discovery of large numbers of distinctive trichosclereids (Nicolson, Amer. Journ. Bot. 47, 1960, p. 601) only in the species of these two genera supports Engler’s uniting of the genera as a tribe. The two genera can be distinguished by the following key: I. Peduncle as long as or longer than the petioles. Spathe persistent ........ Spathiphyllum I. Peduncle much shorter than petioles. Spathe marcescent ............. Holochlamys