In Nova Guinea, Bot. 12 (1963) 192 I have given the records thus far known of Eriandra fragrans in New Guinea which now range from the western to the eastern part of the island. I could also describe the fruit which was not known. It has now appeared that Eriandra is not endemic in New Guinea, but also occurs in the Solomon Is, a notable extension of its area and strengthening the plant geographical affinity between the Solomons and Papua. SOLOMON ISLANDS. New Georgia Group: Kolombangra I., West coast, Merusu Cave, T. C. Whitmore BSIP 1413, in ridge forest at c. 30 m alt., tree 12 m, 30 cm Ø, bole fluted to 3½ m up, poor form above, bark smooth, horizontally closely ringed; slash: bark cream, granular with an orange lamina near cambium: fruits green, globular, c. 2½ cm diam.; New Georgia Is., Viru Harbour on Viru R., A. W. Cowmeadow & R. Teona BSIP 2527, on edge of slope on volcanic rock, red clay-loam, in mixed forest at c. 50 m alt., dominant, bole rather fluted, girth 6 ft, vera. laili, Kwara-ae language; Roviana Lagoon, near Kungaruga R., T. C. Whitmore BSIP 1991, lowland forest, in a broad depression, c. 30 m alt., tree 12 m, fruits green, ripening orange, globose, to 3½—4 cm diam., vern. sura-u, Kwara-ae language.