The genus Lagenophora was first described by Cassini under the name Lagenifera (in Bull. Soc. Philomat. 12, 1816, 199) with the following diagnosis: ‘Ce genre, de la tribus des astérées, comprend le calendula magellanicá, Willd. et le bellis stipitata, Labill. Son principal caractère reside dans la cypsèle lagéniforme, comprimée, prolongée au sommet en un col qui ne porte point d’aigrette. Les fleurons sont mâles’. Two years later, in the same periodical (1818, p. 34) he changed the name Lagenifera without comment into Lagenophora, the latter being simply the latinized Greek equivalent of Lagenifera. Later authors have unanimously accepted the name Lagenophora, although Davis pointed out that Lagenifera has priority. Only recently Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink Jr (Flora of Java 2, 1965, 381) have accepted the name Lagenifera, pointing out that this is the legitimate generic name, adding that Lagenophora is to be treated as an etymological variant. This would imply that under Lagenifera no new combinations are necessary.