During a precursory study in the genus Saraca it became evident that the number of fertile stamens and the size and degree of persistency of the bracteoles are major characters in the delimitation of the species. The genus extends from India and Ceylon to S.W. China and Tonkin, and as far east as to Celebes. The Celebes material (4 collections) was found to represent a species new to science. In the group with 6—8(—10) stamens, and with small (2—8 mm long) bracteoles, of which the Indian material was hitherto mostly referred to Saraca indica L., it appeared that two species are concerned, viz.: I. Bracteoles erect, clasping the pedicel, persistent. India, Ceylon, E. Pakistan, Burma west of the Irrawaddy River; otherwise cultivated. Fig. 1A Saraca asoca (Roxb.) De Wilde, comb. nov. 1. Bracteoles spreading, persistent or fugaceous. Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java; not west of the Irrawaddy River. Fig. 1B Saraca indica L.