This paper complements the revision which before long will appear in the Flora Malesiana, where a key to all species will be given, and descriptions of the Malesian taxa over their whole area; the few non-Malesian taxa are here described. It accounts for the complete synonymy (147 binomials) and typification, with the literature relating to the regions adjacent to Malesia. An Identification List of all examined specimens was separately issued in the Flora Malesiana Lists, number 27 (1966) 430—442; the Herbaria which supplied the materials are: Arnold Arboretum (A), British Museum, Natural History (BM), Bogor (BO), Brisbane (BRI), Cambridge (CGE), Dehra Dun (DD), Gray Herbarium (GH), Kew (K), Leiden (L), Leningrad (LE), Michigan (MICH), Sydney (NSW), Paris (P), Manila (PNH), Singapore (SING), Utrecht (U), Berkeley (UC), and Washington (US). Thanks are due to the directors of all these institutions.