A revision has been made for the species of Eriachne R. Br. (Gramineae) occurring in Asia and Malesia and including Massia Balansa. Four taxa may be recognized: E. burkittii Jansen var. burkittii, E. pallescens R. Br., E. squarrosa R. Br., and E. triseta Nees ex Steud. (= Massia triseta Balansa). E. squarrosa is proposed as the generic lectotype. The australian E. laidlawii Jansen is reduced to a variety of E. burkittii. Pheidochloa S. T. Blake is the only clear relative, but seems derived from Eriachne. A tribe Eriachneae (Ohwi) stat. nov. is proposed for them, provisionally placed near the Danthonieae.