In November 1989 we received from Professor R.E. Holttum his last manuscript for Flora Malesiana. He must have worked for many years to finish this publication on a very difficult group of ferns. For several reasons, not in the least because the manuscript was by no means small, it took a long time before the editing and typesetting were finished. Many new names were given and taxa described by Professor Holttum. Since new taxa are no longer published in Flora Malesiana (new style), this precursor on new species and varieties (and a few new combinations) is published in Blumea, later this year to be followed by the complete revision in Flora Malesiana, series II, volume 2¹, Pteridophyta. The following new species and varieties are described here: Tectaria andersonii, T. brevilobata, T. coadunata (J. Sm.) C. Chr. var. minor, T. croftii, T. curtisii Holttum var. hendersonii, T. danfuensis, T. devexa (Kunze ex Mett.) Copeland var. novoguineensis, T. exauriculata, T. filisquamata, T. griffithii (Baker) C. Chr. var. singaporeana and var. amplissima, T. inopinata, T. jacobsii, T. lobbii (Hook.) Copeland var. denticulata and var. allosora, T. macrota, T. microchlamys, T. microlepis, T. moussetii, T. nabirensis, T. nesiotica, T. palmata (Mett.) Copeland var. sumatrana and var. dimorpha, T. rheophytica, T. rigida, T. rufescens, T. schmutzii, T. squamipes, T. subtrilobata, T. subcordata, T. suluensis, T. villosa; Chlamydogramme elata; Cyclopeltis rigida; Heterogonium lobulatum; Lastreopsis novoguineensis. The following new combinations are made: Tectaria devaxa (Kunze ex Mett.) Copeland var. minor (Hook.) Holttum, comb, nov., T. palmata (Mett.) Copeland var. platanifolia (Mett.) Holttum, stat. nov.