After a paper had been published i.a. on the species of Stevia of the collection mentioned in the heading¹) another Stevia from the same collection came into the author’s hands. It proved to be new. The American genus Stevia has been treated in local revisions by B. L. Robinson (in Gray Herb. Harvard Univ. V, 90, 1930, 36—159; 96, 1931, 28—49; 100, 1932, 20—69). Its floral characters are fairly uniform, but the pappus shows a great diversity. The 5 achenes in a head do not mature at the same time. The genus Stevia seems to have its greatest development in Bolivia, where it is represented by 44 species. The next representation is in Peru with 24 and in Argentina with 23 species. Section Eustevia, Robinson.