Argostemma Wall. (type species: A. verticillatum Wall.). This large Old World genus, comprising about 240 binomials of which, ca 70-80 will prove to be distinct species, has been almost unanimously left undivided. Exceptions are Reinwardt who in 1825 created the genus Pomangium, independently of Wallich (1824) and Ridley who in 1927 based the genus Argostemmella on two Bornean species of Argostemma. My revision (in msc.) of Argostemma occurring in Malaysia confirmed the common view that there is no reason for splitting up this genus. However, several subdivisions (sections) can reasonably be accepted. As those sections mostly represent well-delimited taxa in connection with a rather evident distribution of their own, I propose here the following 5 sections for Argostemma. It should be borne in mind that I have examined almost all extra-Mallaysian species too.