A critical study of the nongeniculate Corallinaceae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) from the Spermonde Archipelago, Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia, has been carried out. More than 750 collections, including type- and other relevant collections, were examined. In total 16 taxa belonging to 7 genera of nongeniculate Corallinaceae are reported. These are Lithophyllum (4 species), Hydrolithon (3 species), Mastophora (2 species), Neogoniolithon (1 species), Spongites (2 species), Lithothamnion (1 species), and Mesophyllum (3 species). The synonymy, type collection(s), type locality (ies), specimens examined, a detailed description, and remarks are given for each taxon. Two collections are referred to an unidentified taxon, probably belonging to the genus Spongites.