In Blumea, Vol. II, 1937, pp. 239 to 277, appeared an article bearing the above title. It is a description of an excursion to the Salajar Islands, situated south of Celebes; lists of the plants found in the islands are appended. Prof. Dr C. E. B. BREMEKAMP wrote to me that in the Leiden Herbarium a small collection of plants, collected by me in the Salajar Islands, and long ago lent to the late Dr TH. VALETON, have been found. This collection contained, apart from the Rubiaceae, the special subject of Dr VALETON, some representatives of other plant families. Prof. BREMEKAMP sent me a list of names of these plants, for which I tender him my cordial thanks. Besides he communicated to me that a few plants are mentioned under wrong names in the original publication. They are: nr. 86 of Djampea is not Ophiorrhiza neglecta BL., but O. parviflora REINW. Besides the number mentioned, 1573, two other specimens of this plant were collected in the same island, nr. 1618 and nr. 1633, both at an altitude of 200 m.