— During the last World War Dr Ohwi worked for several years in the Herbarium Bogoriense and compiled a preliminary revision of the Malaysian representatives of the genus Fimbristylis. The absence of any world revision, the temporary inaccessibility of type material, and of adequate literature, were the causes that this revision had an entirely preliminary shape and made it inadvisable to publish the MS as it was, due to circumstances alluded to above. Fortunately Mr J. H, Kern, who is in charge of the colossal job of organizing the revision of Cyperaceae for the Flora Malesiana, has undertaken the delicate, time-consuming task of carefully checking the novelties distinguished by Dr Ohwi, which are to be incorporated in his own revision of the genus. Some species distinguished by Dr Ohwi have appeared to be conspecific with already described species from other parts of the palaeotropics, others have since 1941 been described by contemporaneous workers on the genus. The following species have hitherto stood the test and are at present accepted by Mr Kern and Dr Ohwi as good new species. Permission for publication was readily granted both by the Keeper of the Herbarium Bogoriense and by Dr Ohwi. I am exceedingly grateful both to them and to Mr Kern for their mutual trust and co-operation and their generous attitude. C. G. G. J. VAN STEENIS.