The following notes are mainly based upon a small but interesting collection of plants, made in 1937—1939 by Mr C. Monod de Froideville, Civil Service Officer in the Netherlands Indies, during his extensive trips in the southern and central parts of the island of Celebes. His hobby was the study of Leguminosae and about half of his collection consists of representatives of that natural order. For several reasons, however, they have been left out of the present paper, for one thing since Mr Monod is intending to deal with them later on himself, a task, which circumstances unfortunately prevent him from accomplishing at present; and secondly since they promise geographically less important results than most other families, many of them being anthropochorous. However, beside Leguminosae, Mr Monod collected a good many other plants and though some of his material was necessarily scanty on account of the fact that the proper purpose of his trips lay outside purely botanical observations, it contains enough remarkable specimens, especially from the practically unknown interior of Central Celebes (Mt. Mamboeliling), to justify a record of them. Mr Monod has proved to be a keen observer and a thorough amateur botanist and geologist. Several of the specimens had been provisorily checked by Dr C. G. G. J. van Steenis, Buitenzorg, which was a great help in their final identification. Regarding this, it was my good fortune to win the help of several specialists in identifying specimens belonging to families falling within the scope of their special study. Thus I am indebted to the following investigators for their kind collaboration: Miss Dr G. J. H. Amshoff (Utrecht): Urticaceae. Dr R. C. Bakhuizen van den Brink (Leiden) : Melastomataceae. Dr C. E. B. Bremekamp (Bilthoven) : Acanthaceae, Rubiaceae. Dr J. Th. Henrard (Leiden) : Graminead. Dr F. P. Jonker (Utrecht) : Burmanniaceae. Miss Dr J. Th. Koster (Leiden) : Compositae. Dr S. J. van Ooststroom (Leiden)': Convolvulaceae, Violaceae. Dr J. J. Smith (Oegstgeest) : Orchidaceae. Dr H. Uittien † (Deventer) : Cyperaceae.