Referring to the identification of BRASS 5219 from Papua as a representative of the Verbenaceous Faradaya chrysoclada K. SCHUM. by E. BEER and H. J. LAM (Blumea 2, 1936, 225), Dr C. G. G. J. VAN STEENIS, the monographer of the Malaysian Bignoniaceae drew our attention to the possibility that this identification might be incorrect. It was suggested that the specimen and also all specimens hitherto known as Faradaya chrysoclada might be Bignoniaceous and might belong to Deplanchea tetraphylla (R. BR.) V. STEENIS, as all other Faradayas known are lianas, whereas F. chrysoclada was reported to possess the tree habit, as the Deplancheas. We therefore asked on loan the materials of both species from the Herbarea at Berlin (B) and Kew (K), that from Berlin including the type specimen of Faradaya chrysoclada. Our thanks are due to the directors of the Herbaria of Berlin and Kew for kindly lending us the material desired.