This dictionary covers systematics, morphology, and anatomy of the Plant Kingdom, including also Fungi and Fossils. Not included are cytology, genetics, and evolution, which have been or will be treated in other volumes of the same series. As to systematics, families and higher taxa as well as many for some reason important genera have been treated. The families are taken in a broad sense. Liliaceae, to give an example, include some 25 families as accepted by many present-day botanists (Agavaceae, Alliaceae, etc.). These family names are included too, with a cross reference to the Liliaceae. (However, Agavaceae as well as Agave are only provided with a cross reference to the Amaryllidaceae; with neither of the two, nor with the Amaryllidaceae, the Liliaceae are mentioned.) Why some small exotic families like the Akaniaceae are omitted and others, as small and as exotic, for instance the Corynocarpaceae and the Eucommiaceae, are not, is not clear.