The present paper describing a new species of Mycetia Reinw. ( Rubiaceae) is based on a collection by J. L. Lister in 1874—75 and subsequently by G. King’s Collector Badul Khan in January, 1890 from Dafla Hills, NEFA. The late Dr. G. King named the taxon Adenosacme listeri King MSS which was not published. Later on I. H. Burkill in Rec. Bot. Surv. India 10 (1925) 298 named his specimens ( Burkill 36423 & 37321) from the Abor Hills Adenosacme listeri King without description. An examination of Burkill’s specimens in the herbarium (CAL) reveals that his collection is not conspecific with Lister’s, named by King. Very recently G. Panigrahi & S. K. Kar in Bull. Bot. Surv. India 5 (1963) 27 named a collection ( Panigrahi 19395) A. listeri King ex Burkill, probably without knowing that it was not a validly published name and that the specimen is not conspecific with Burkill’s collection, where as it is identical with Lister’s. The generic name Mycetia Reinw. has been established as the valid name for Adenosacme Wall. Studies on the genus Mycetia Reinw. suggest that Lister’s collection deserves specific status as suggested by King. Recent collection of the material indicates that the plant exists over a larger area. Hence it is considered desirable to name and describe the species. Specific name suggested by King after the first collector Lister is retained here.