Korthalsella Dacrydii (RIDLEY) DANSER, the only species of its genus that is parasitic on Conifers, was, up to the present, only known from two mountains, viz., Mt. Tahan in the Malay Peninsula, and Mt. Gede in Java. For the latter mountain it was, for the first time, not discovered in the living state, but, by Dr VAN STEENIS, on herbarium specimens of Podocarpus imbricata, collected by KOORDERS and VAN DER HOEVEN in 1890. Later it was collected several times on Mt. Gede in the living state. While examining the materials of Podocarpus and Dacrydium of the Leiden, Buitenzorg, and Groningen Herbaria, I was so fortunate as to discover, in the same way as Dr VAN STEENIS did, several new localities of Korthalsella Dacrydii, and these not only in Java, but also in Sumatra, Borneo, and Timor. The localities now known are the following.