The amount of both living and herbarium material of Ericaceae, which has become accessible to the author in and from Malaysia since his various precursory papers on the family have been published, are the reason for this supplement. In Borneo, collecting in the last years has increased considerably in its northern part. In Sarawak, J. A. R. Anderson and E. F. W. Brunig collected a large number of Ericaceae on various mountains, partly not yet previously visited both within the ‘kerangas’ and the mossy forest. In N. Borneo it was Mrs Sheila Collenette who in 1960 climbed Mt Trus Madi, with c. 2620 m altitude the highest peak there next to Mt Kinabalu, and found on it a new species of Rhododendron besides other species, described from and thought to be limited to Mt Kinabalu up to now. Mt Kinabalu was visited again by W. Meijer in the lower part and the eastern shoulder above Kundasan, by Mrs Collenette in 1960 on a new path, the so-called Mesilau East route, and by the R. Society Expedition in 1961 under E. J. H. Corner (together with W. L. Chew and A. Stainton) on a new trail via the eastern shoulder towards the point, where it meets the Mesilau East route at c. 3440 m.