In Fordia, a small genus of Southeast Asian Papilionaceae, 8 species are accepted and 2 subspecies, one of which is newly described (F. splendidissima subsp. rheophytica). The name of F. splendidissima is a new combination of an old name proposed by Miquel. Six names (among which F. coriacea, F. gibbsiae, and F. filipes) are sunk into the synonymy of F. splendidissima subsp. splendidissima. Three species are excluded from Fordia. A cladistic analysis was made of the 9 taxa in Fordia and some related species. A key to the taxa, descriptions, and synonymy are given as well as 4 figures (including one map) and a table. The genus Fordia was first described by Hemsley (1886), with F. cauliflora as its only species, based on specimens collected in the Chinese province of Kwangtung. The former monographer, Dunn (1911) included 5 species in Fordia, three of which were newly described and Millettia stipularis was transferred to it.