The Salajar Islands strew the Flores Sea between Celebes and Flores. The group consists of no less than 73 smaller and larger islands. The principal islands are: Salajar or Tanadoang, Djampea, Kalao, Kalaotoa, and Bonerate. A number of smaller islands form together the group of the so-called Tiger Islands, and to the south of them arc the very small, low Pasitaloe Islands. The Salajar group is situated between Long. 119°50’ E. and 121°30’ E. and between Lat. 5°36’ S. and 7°25’ S. See the map on p. 240. In May 1913, I was enabled to visit this territory, thanks to a financial allowance of the „Maatschappij ter bevordering van het Natuurkundig Onderzoek der Nederlandsche Kolonien” (Society for the Promotion of the Scientific Investigation of the Netherlands Colonies), for short: „Treub Society”, and also of the „Provinciaal Utrechtsch Genootschap voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen” (Utrecht Provincial Society for Arts and Sciences). The publication of the present paper was enabled by financial support of the „Leidsch Universiteitsfonds” (Leiden University Fund). I beg to tender my best thanks for all this valuable support here.