While studying the generic delimitation between the New Guinea Sericolea and the Subantarctic genus Aristotelia of the Elaeocarpaceae I got the impression from the descriptions that all but one species of Aristotelia described from Australia would belong to Aceratium. Also in Australia obviously doubts had arisen concerning their proper generic disposition. C. T. White (Kew Bull. 1932: 42) had already reduced his Aristotelia pubescens to Aceratium. Moreover, all Queensland “Aristotelias” I received from Brisbane had been relabelled“ Aceratium”. As unfortunately no material of these species is represented in the Leyden Herbarium, my study is mainly based on material from the Brisbane and Melbourne Herbaria. This study confirmed that only Aristotelia australasica F. v. M. from New South Wales had been described in the proper genus. In the present paper one new species and one new variety are described and one new combination is made in Aceratium, increasing the total of Australian species to five. As a fair amount of material has now become available, amplified descriptions are here presented of all species.