The privilege of being able to examine numerous sheets of Lonicera in the U.S. Nat. Herbarium Washington, Jan. 1947, some in the Kew Herbarium, Nov. 1946, and some in the Leyden Herbarium, Oct. 1946, enabled me to make some further observations which clarify the status and distribution of the Malaysian species, which I preliminarily treated in the Journ. Arnold Arbor. 27 (1946) 442—452, a little further. 1. Lonicera repens Zipp. ex Miq., Fl. Ind. Bat. 2: 128. 1856; cf. J. Arn. Arb. 27 (1946) 451, was referred by Miquel to L. chinensis, and belongs, according to Ind. Kew and Dr Rehder’s paper to L. japonica Thunb. In the Leyden Herbarium there are 3 authentic sheets; of one the label reads “New Guinea”, of an. other “? Java” and of the third “? Java. ? New Guinea”. All belong doubtless to L. japonica Thunb. and in my opinion this is a clear case of mislabelled specimens which came from Java, probably from specimens cultivated in the Botanic Gardens at Buitenzorg.