The taxonomy of the largely endemic dipterocarp flora of Ceylon is brought into line with that of the rest of the Asiatic subfamily, and a new species is described. Stemonoporus lewisianus Trimen ex Hook. f. finds its correct place at last in Cotylelobium. Balanocarpus brevipetiolaris (Thw.) Alston is transferred to Hopea. Shorea pallescens Ashton (sect., subsect., Shoreae) is described for the first time. Shorea stipularis Thw. is ascribed to sect. Anthoshorea Heim. Doona Thw. is reduced, as a separate section, to Shorea Roxb. ex Gaertn.f., necessitating 7 new combinations and 3 new names. Doona oblonga Thw. is united with Doona disticha (Thw.) Pierre under the name Shorea disticha (Thw.) Ashton. Doona nervosa Thw. is reduced to Doona cordifolia Thw., now named Shorea cordifolia Ashton. The description of the genus Stemonoporus is amplified; a key is provided to all species. Stemonoporus acuminatus (Thw.) Bedd. is further defined. Stemonoporus nervosus Thw. is reduced to Stemonoporus lancifolius (Thw.) Ashton. Shorea reticulata Thw. and Stemonoporus moonii Thw. (= Vateria moonii Thw.) are excluded from the family.