Volume 3 represents a change in style for Flora Malesiana Series II, not just in the different coloured cover complete with illustration, but also in its stand-alone format. Each family, genus and species is described, and keys are provided for genera and species. For the two largest genera Microsorum (31 species) and Selliguea (49 species) regional keys to species are included in addition to the main key to species in Malesia. In total 228 species are described as follows: Polypodiaceae (183 species), Davalliaceae (31 species), Azollaceae (1 species), Cheiropleuriaceae (1 species), Equisetaceae (1 species), Matoniaceae (4 species) and Plagiogyriaceae (7 species). There is interesting discussion of regional variation within some of the more widespread species. The distribution of each taxon is given, but for Davalliaceae this should be extended to the north of the North Island of New Zealand where a new subspecies of Davallia tasmani was discovered more than ten years ago. The illustrations include 35 line drawings, mainly of Polypodiaceae, 4 plates of SEM photographs and 7 photographs of herbarium sheets.