A massive, expensive book, principally an atlas of small botanical drawings (line drawings, c. 10 by 6 cm, two to a page), each provided with the Latin and vernacular name, a concise 2—4 line descriptive note, and the use of the plant. A similar text is added in Japanese. Most pictures are reproduced at ½ nat. size. Species are arranged alphabetically within the families which are in turn arranged according to the Englerian system. Only Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are included. Prof. Corner is responsible for checking the names and the brief descriptive notes. The pictures were drawn by Prof. Watanabe during World War II for the Japanese Military Administration at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Two volumes of these drawings were already published in small octavo in 1945 at Singapore, one on Medicinal Plants, the second on Edible Plants. A selection of some 200 plates was also later published by Prof. H. B. Gilliland in his ‘Common Malayan Plants’ in 1958 (University of Malaya Press, Singapore). The present work embraces all pictures made by Prof. Watanabe, many unpublished before, with addition of a number not made at Singapore, amongst them several of rare parasitic and saprophytic species from Borneo and Celebes, Pandanus from New Guinea, and other interesting odds, even from Japan, the Bonins, etc.