There has been a notable divergence of opinion in the recent literature concerning the number of species of dammar (Agathis) that might occur in the general area of the Moluccas. Even early literature presents a tangled nomenclatural trail. Perhaps the difficulty in obtaining good representative collections from these huge rainforest emergents may explain the general lack of careful diagnostic descriptions that bedevils most contributions. Among the hundreds of specimens I have been able to study, however, I have found enough data to support a clear conclusion. The important dammar tree was among those described in the early work by Rumphius (1741) that dealt with Ambon. Meijer Drees (1940) reports that natives in the Moluccas recognize two types of dammar, the ‘white dammar’ damar putih) with abundant resin production and the ‘brown dammar’ damar merah) with poor resin production (the ‘white’ or clear resin does turn brown upon aging about a year). Presumably, Rumphius, who spoke of abundant resin, had in mind the ‘white dammar’ when he referred to this tree as Dammara alba.