Pollen grains single, ellipsoidal to spherical-suboblate, operculate. Equatorial axis 33 (37.1) 41 μ, polar axis 25 (25.7) 26 μ. Encircling apertural furrow situated parallel to equator at ± 2/3 from proximal pole; operculum oval or spherical-subtriangular, diameter ± 4/5 of equatorial diameter; width furrow 2—3 μ. Total wall thickness 2 μ on proximal side, thinning to 1 μ near furrow, thickening to 1.5 μ on operculum; furrow membrane 0.5 μ thick. Endexine 0.5 μ thick; ektexine 1.5 μ thick proximally, 1 μ distally, probably absent from furrow membrane, massive, smooth or with faintly irregularly wartyverrucate surface. — Plate I. Material: Leutert 108.