After Mr. S. BLOEMBERGEN had planned a revision of the Cornaceae, sensu amplissimo, of the Netherlands Indies (inclusive those of the Malay Peninsula and the non-Dutch parts of Borneo and New Guinea) and had received, for that purpose, herbarium materials from different institutes, it appeared desirable to him to confine his revision to the Alangiaceae. I therefore took the Cornaceae, sensu stricto, for my account. It was very convenient to me that Mr. BLOEMBERGEN had already composed a nearly complete list of literature wanted. The herbaria of which materials have been worked up in this revision, arE the following. B = Herbarium of the Botanic Garden, Buitenzorg, Java. Be = Herbarium of the Botanic Garden, Berlin—Dahlem. L = State Herbarium, Leiden. S = Herbarium of the Botanic Gardens, Singapore. U = Herbarium of the University, Utrecht.