Ab ceteris speciebus generis Goniothalami rhipidiis usque ad 1.5 m basi caulis gerentis differt. — Typus: Coode 6060 (K holo; L iso), Central Sulawesi, c. 1° 09' S, 122° 31' E, Luwuk area, inland from Batui and Seseba on Batui Road, 50 m alt. Treelet up to 7.5 m high, c. 12 cm in diam. Young branches light brown, striate. Leaves membraneous, oblong, 12-30 cm long, 4-10 cm wide, shortly and bluntly acute to acuminate, base cuneate, margin somewhat undulate, glabrous, midrib channelled above, strongly prominent below, secondary veins 12-16 pairs, enclosing with the midrib an angle of c. 50°, interarching c. 4 mm from the margin, reticulation faint and lax, petiole 8-15 mm long, glabrous. Flowers borne on leafless twigs more or less at ground-level or just above, in few-flowered, up to 1.5 m long rhipidia. Pedicels up to 1.5 cm long, with two bracts at the base. Sepals connate at the lower part, ovate, acute, membraneous, glabrous on both sides, c. 3 mm long, outer petals membraneous, ovate-lanceolate, up to 3.5 cm long, up to 1.5 cm wide, very shortly clawed, pubescent outside and inside except the very base, keeled, inner petals much shorter than outer ones, triangular, up to 8 mm long, 6 mm wide, with scattered long hairs on the inner side. Stamens numerous, apex of connective convex, pubescent, ovaries glabrous; style bilobed, glabrous. Fruitlets knobby, achene-like in shape.