After the general chapters, mainly based on literature and dealing with wood anatomy, characters of the leaf epidermis and foliar sclereids, embryology and chromosome numbers, phytochemistry, and characters of the fruit, the generic delimitation of subfamily Magnolioideae is discussed. Paramichelia Hu and Tsoongiodendron Chun are reduced to Michelia Linné; Talauma Juss., Aromadendron Blume, Alcimandra Dandy, Dugandiodendron Lozano and Manglietiastrum Law are reduced to Magnolia Linné. Parakmeria omeiensis Cheng & Hu is renamed Magnolia omeiensis, Parakmeria yunnanensis Cheng & Hu is renamed Magnolia yunnanensis, Manglietiastrum sinicum Law is renamed Magnolia sinicum, and Alcimandra cathcartii Dandy is renamed Magnolia cathcartii Manglietia singalanensis Agostini is reduced to M. glauca var. sumatrana. Elmerrillia mollis Dandy and E. papuana Dandy are reduced to Elmerrillia tsiampacca (Linné) Dandy, the former is named subsp. mollis (Dandy) Noot. and of the latter var. glaberrima is renamed E. tsiampacca var. glaberrima (Dandy) Noot. Michelia arfakiana Agostini is reduced to Elmerrillia tsiampacca var. tsiampacca and Michelia sumatrae Dandy is renamed M. salicifolia Agostini. Newly described is Michelia koordersiana Noot. and keys are given to the genera, subgenera and sections.