In a recent paper by Mrs. Gray [J. Arnold Arb. 43 (1962) 74] a new species of Podocarpus was proposed from Morotai, P. filicifolius. Inasmuch as the description of the leaves corresponds exactly with juvenile P. vitiensis (not previously reported from the Moluccas) and the description of the fruit corresponds exactly with P. blumei (whose range includes the Moluccas), it was of interest to confirm whether the fruit in question was attached to the foliage material described. An examination of the specimen ( Kostermans 1949), in Leyden revealed that the fruit was collected separately and that sterile specimens of P. blumei were also collected in the general vicinity ( Kostermans 1660, 50 m). Dr. van Steenis kindly wrote to Dr. Kostermans concerning the particulars of the collection of these specimens. Kostermans writes: ‘Kostermans 1215 of G. Pare-Pare, 1000 m (apparently the same as the unnumbered specimen in Leiden), I picked from a sterile treelet c. 3 m high. There is an unidentified specimen of it in Herb. Bog., which looks to me like P. vitiensis.’ ‘Kostermans 1660 is also sterile. I remember to have cut a large tree in Morotai which fell into a ravine after cutting and remained out of reach; that was a Podocarpus and presumably we have picked some fruits from the ground.’ ‘I quite well remember the collecting of P. vitiensis on top of G. Pare-Pare; almost all of it (?) was sterile, but still I found it necessary to collect samples. P. neriifolius was certainly on this ridge, but no P. blumei.