Outside Australia, five species of Dodonaea are accepted, viz. D. viscosa, a pantropical coastal species, D. angustifolia, an inland species occurring throughout the Tropics and Subtropics, D. elaeagnoides, restricted to Florida and part of the Antilles, D. polyandra, restricted to a small part of Papua New Guinea and of Queensland, and D. madagascariensis, endemic to Madagascar but with clear connections to Australia. Out of these five species three, viz. D. angustifolia, D. elaeagnoides, and D. viscosa were for a long time combined under the last mentioned name. In Chapter II arguments are given for the division of that complex into three species and it is tried to give a historical explanation for the final state of confusion. In Chapter III notes are given on the five accepted species. All further species names used by or after Radlkofer outside Australia are rejected; a discussion of these names is given in Chapter IV.