This paper is a precursor to the revision of the family Daphniphyllaceae in Flora Malesiana, in which 16 species of the genus Daphniphyllum will be treated. In the present paper a description is given of one new variety, D. gracile Gage var. newirelandum, and five new combinations have been made, D. ceramense, D. dichotomum, D. papuanum Hallier f. var. tuberculatum, D. sumatraense, and D. timorianum. An enumeration of the 16 species as will be treated in Flora Malesiana is given here; the numbering of the new variety and the five new combinations in the present paper is the same as will be used in Flora Malesiana. A key to sections, subsections and series is given. Pollen features, a distribution map of the two sections, and a line drawing of the new variety are provided.