1. For the first time four collections of Diploglottis, representing two species, are cited from New Guinea. 2. The genus Euphorianthus, formerly reduced to Diploglottis, is resurrected; the three species accepted by Radlkofer are united under a new combination. 3. A revision of Sarcotoechia for New Guinea is given. Up till now, Sarcotoechia was known with certainty from Australia only. The New Guinea material represents a new subgenus with five new species, one of which remains unnamed. 4. The three species of Toechima described from Malesia are combined and reduced to a new subspecies of the Australian T. erythrocarpum. 5. A revision is given of Trigonachras. This encompasses eight species; five are new, three of these remain unnamed. The genus was known from West Malesia up to and including the Philippines; this area can now be enlarged by Celebes and New Guinea.