Two widely distributed beach plants, but hitherto unknown from New Guinea, have been found on this small uninhabited island, situated on the southcoast of Kiriwina Subdistrict, 8˚30’ S, 151°05’ E, by Mr A. Gillison, Oct. 1966. Triumfetta procumbens Forst. f. (Tiliaceae) has the huge distribution from the Seychelles in the western Indian to the Tuamotus in the Central Pacific Ocean, but is extremely rare in Malesia, where it has only been collected in the North Moluccas (Sulu and two islets south of Mindanao, further in the Admiralty Is, New Britain, the Solomons, and the Louisiades). Cf. Pacific Plant Areas I (1963) t. II. This is now found in Nubiam Island (NGF 25289).