On preparing the manuscript of the Verbenaceae for Dr C. A. Backer’s ”Flora van Java” it appeared to me that — in comparison with the monographic treatments of this family by Lam (5) and by Lam & Bakhuizen van den Brink (6) — several changes in the nomenclature and in the interpretation or delimitation of certain species are urgent. Although, considered in the light of more recent work on this family as it occurs in adjacent regions (2, 3, 8), a new critical revision of the Malaysian Verbenaceae seems desirable, we have to refrain from such a task, which would require a greater deal of investigation than the present author is able to afford at the time. Hence these notes are merely intended to account for the discrepancies between the treatment of the javanese species as they will appear in the afore-mentioned flora and as they are given in the recent monographs (5, 6). Still, they may prove to be a first contribution towards another revision covering the whole of Malaysia.