In the Flora Malesiana area recent authors have distinguished the following genera in the Lindsaea group of ferns: Isoloma J. Smith, Lindsaea Dryander (often misspelled “Lindsaya”; see Copeland 1947, p. 53, and Kramer 1957a, p. 156), Odontosoria Fee, Protolindsaya Copeland, Schizoloma Gaudichaud (or Schizolegnia Alston), Sphenomeris Maxon, Tapeinidium (Presl) C. Christensen, and Xyropteris Kramer. In my account of the American species (Kramer 1957a) I included the Asiatic genus Schizolepton Fee in the Lindsaea group, on Copeland’s authority, without sufficiently looking into the matter. Holttum (1958) has shown since that its affinities are with Syngramma and has subsequently (1960) combined it with Taenitis, although Pichi-Sermolli (1966) denies any close affinity of the two last-named genera. As stated before (Kramer 1957a, 1967) I am convinced that Schizoloma cannot be maintained as a distinct genus and prefer to treat it as a section of Lindsaea. With regard to Isoloma I have reached the same conclusion, as explained below. Odontosoria sensu stricto does not occur in Asia. Xyropteris is still monotypical, as originally described (Kramer 1957b), and Tapeinidium, including Protolindsaya, as correctly stated by Christensen (1934), forms the subject of a separate paper (Kramer 1968). The notes in the present paper can thus be restricted to Lindsaea and Sphenomeris.