My revisional work in the Flacourtiaceae confronted me with the genus Homaliopsis Sp. Moore, J. Bot. 58 (1920) 187, from Madagascar, based on a Forbes collection without locality, and never recollected. The genus was placed in the Flacourtiaceae by Sp. Moore himself, and, with reservation, included in its tribe Homalieae by Gilg in E.-P., Nat. Pflfam. 2nd ed., 21 (1925) 424; it has remained there in Perrier's revision of the family for Madagascar (Fl. Madag. Fam. 140, 1946, 119) and still in Hutchinson, Gen. Fl. Pl. 2 (1967) 217. Already the study of the original description which speaks of leaves with pellucid dots and a simple (not partite) style raises doubts whether Homaliopsis really belongs to the Homalieae, or even, by the mention of stamens arranged in phalanges (not alternating with glands) and almost opposite leaves, to the Flacourtiaceae at all.