The flowering specimens of Glyptopetalum are very difficult to separate from those of Euonymus except by examining the number of ovules in each cell of the ovary. The ovules are mostly 2, rarely 3—12, per cell in Euonymus and there is only one in Glyptopetalum. However, the genus Glyptopetalum can be easily distinguished from Euonymus, or recognized, by the characteristic persistent columella of the fruit and the branched raphe of the seed (cf. also Fl. Mai. 1, 5, 1963, 256 and fig. 711). In preparing the Celastraceae for the Flora Malesiana, two additional extra-Malaysian species of Glyptopetalum have been found: a new one from Thailand and a new combination for the flora of China. The range of distribution of this genus is now extending to southwestern China.