Within the genus Vaccinium L. this revision of its Malaysian species — which comprises more than half of the total number of species of the genus — is the last in a series of modern treatments made for North America by W. H. Camp, for the Pacific area by C. Skottsberg, and for tropical America and tropical Asia by the present author. The work formerly done in Malaysian Vaccinium has been limited to islands, as that by J. J. Smith and Schlechter for a part of New Guinea, by Copeland f. for the Philippines, and by Amshoff for Java, with the shortcomings necessarily connected with such too local work. The sections proposed for the Malaysian species in my general system in 1941 have been found still useful and are kept here except a nomenclatural change in one section and the expansion in species due to the large amount of indetermined material collected in Celebes and especially in New Guinea.