A world-wide revision of the tribe Naucleeae with a general discussion of the systematic position and affinities of the tribe and the genera. The generic concepts have been modified and 21 genera are recognized (Ochreinauclea, Ludekia, Diyaminauclea, Khasiaclunea, Adinauclea, Sinoadina, Pertusadina, and Haldina being new), which are placed in three subtribes, Anthocephalinae, Naucleinae, and Adininae, sublrib. now There are keys to the subtribes, genera, and species, followed by descriptions of the Asiatic and Malesian genera. The Asiatic species are described and accompanied by complete synonymy, but the Malesian species are treated in an abbreviated form. Three new species are described: Myrmeconauclea stipulacea, Ludekia borneensis, and Pertusadina malaccensis.