There is a great diversity of opinion regarding the interpretation of the genera and some species in the former Hippocrateaceae. If one reads the comprehensive and detailed revision of the New World Hippocrateaceae by A. C. Smith (Brittonia 3, 1940, 341—555), one may have an impression of it. For example, A. C. Smith in his monotypic genus Hemiangium, under H. excelsum, has united species which were recognized as belonging to three different genera by Miers; he has also limited Hippocratea L. to a single species, H. volubilis L., and placed more than 40 names of species and varieties in the synonymy of it. A detailed review of the history and generic delimitation of the family Hippocrateaceae has already ably been summarized and discussed by A. C. Smith in the above mentioned publication. I shall make only a brief account of those works which contain genera, species, or discussions related to the Malaysian flora.