Magnitudine frondium L. melanolepide v. A. v. R. affinis, differt: paleis rhizomatis pallidioribus, non clathratis, pinnis sterilibus basi basiscopice late rotundatis, pinnis fertilibus 3—5 mm latis. Rhizome-scales rather light brown, not distinctly clathrate, to 1½ mm wide. Stipes c. 12 cm long, sparsely covered with pale brown scales of various sizes, only smallest scales distinctly clathrate. Sterile frond (apart from stipe) 75 cm long, rachis bearing distinctly clathrate scales with bullate bases; pinnae to 14 X 2 cm, sessile, basiscopic base subcordate or rounded, acroscopic broader and rounded in lower pinnae, broadly cuneate in upper ones, edges very broadly crenate towards acuminate apex, veins fine, distinctly raised on both surfaces, bullate-based scales abundant on costa and veins of lower surface. Fertile pinnae to 10 cm long, 3—5 mm wide, subsessile, apex slightly attenuate.