Mastichodendron Cronquist, Lloydia 9, 1946, 245 — Mastichodendron (Engler) H. J. Lam, Med. Bot. Mus. Herb. Rijksuniv. Utrecht 65, 1939, 521; idem, Rec. Trav. bot, Néerl. 36, 1940, 521 — Mastichodendron Jacquin in Hedwig, Genera, 1906, 116, as a synonym in Bumelia — Sideroxylon L., section Mastichodendron Engler, Nat. Pfl. Fam., ed. 1, IV, 1, 1897, 144. Trees, rarely shrubs. Leaves scattered, tertiary nerves transverse but the nerves subparallel to the secondary nerves. Stipules none. Flowers in few-flowered, axillary clusters. Sepals 5, imbricate. Corolla 5-lobed, lobes imbricate in bud. Staminodes 5, alternipetalous, inserted in the throat of the tube. Stamens 5, oppositi- and epipetalous, anthers dehiscing laterally. Ovary 5-celled, with one ovule in each cell. Fruit one-seeded, pericarp thin, seed with thin testa, scar circular, basal or basilateral, cotyledons thin, endosperm copious.