During the pre-naming of some new collections made by the Forestry Service of North Borneo, Mr L. L. Forman, Kew, provisionally identified a collection from Pulau Gaya, District of Jesselton, San 20499, gathered by Dr. W. Meijer, as an undescribed species of the American genus Simaba. As he knew that I had almost finished a revision of the Simaroubaceae for the Flora Malesiana, he immediately gave notice and sent the material with the permission of the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, without delay to Leyden. I have to thank him most cordially for this friendly and generous gesture. Later Dr. J. A. R. Anderson, of the Sarawak Forestry Service, Kuching, kindly pointed our attention to the fact that the species had been collected in the past, both in Borneo and Sumatra, and that these specimens had been distributed as Parishia sp. In critical checking the generic identity of the specimen, Mr Forman’s opinion appeared to be correct, and the new plant has been since described as a new species in the Flora Malesiana. At the same time it appeared possible to accommodate it also in several other American and African genera as well, for example Simarouba, Hannoa, and Odyendyea. This necessitated a closer comparison of these genera, and some others, a desirability which I had earlier thought to lie outside the scope of the Flora Malesiana revision.