The morphology and leaf anatomy of Myxopyrum is described and a key to the species is given. Of the 15 species previously described four species and two subspecies are recognised: M. nervosum Bl. (synonyms M. horsfieldii, M. zippelii) with one subspecies coriaceum (Bl.) Kiew (synonym M. ellipticum), M. ovatum Hill (synonyms M. macrolobum, M. cordatum, M. philippinensis), M. pierrei Gagnep. (synonym M. hainanense) and M. smilacifolium Bl. (synonym M. serrulatum) with one subspecies confertum (Kerr) Kiew. Myxopyrum enerve Steen. is Chionanthus enerve (Steen.) Kiew. Descriptions for the extra-Malesian species, M. smilacifolium, is given.