In this paper I intend to give a review of the genus Erycibe Roxb. in. which all the names published in the genus will be accounted for. The representatives from Malaysia have been dealt with more extensively in the revision of the genus in Flora Malesiana, Ser. I, Vol. 4, 4th instalment, 1953, pp. 404—431. — Technical descriptions of new taxa have been published in another paper in Blumea 7, 1953, pp. 310—319. In the present paper the literature will be published more extensively than in Flora Malesiana; besides I have included citation of all type specimens. The extra-Malaysian species have been studied less extensively than the Malaysian ones, but as I have seen nearly all the types, some notes are inserted which will be, I hope, useful for future study of the genus. Particularly the specimens from the Indian Peninsula need closer study.