This is a CD-ROM intended to identify 1733 species of trees and shrubs of northern Australian rain forests, accompanied by a user guide in book form. In the guide, in the chapter ‘Using the program’, a picture of the opening screen is given. At the bot-tom is the status bar, which, however, only appears on the screen if the windows (NT) status bar is hidden! In the user guide it is explained how to hide the windows status bar. In the status bar the remaining number of species is indicated, which is of importance because it is of no use to see the species list if there are more than 15 species left. The following character sets are available: habit, bark (not in shrubs), leaf, flower, fruit, seedling, family, geographic area. For each character or character state an explanation is provided, often illustrated, in the help function. Often it is obligatory to use this help for a good interpretation of a character, for instance lateral veins run from the midrib to the intramarginal vein. To be qualified as an intramarginal vein rather than looping lateral veins there should be no major bends (illustrated). Here I went wrong in identifying Symplocos, where a looped intramarginal vein usually is present! Also, don't call a contracted spike a fascicle (clearly illustrated), for you will never arrive at the right name. The features selected for any character set will remain until a new identification is started, even if the window is closed.