These fascicles, the first part of a moss flora of Fennoscandia, comprise five (acrocarpous) orders of the Eubryales. All species and a number of forms and varieties have been included. There are clear dichotomous keys to genera and species. Of each species the original literature, the most familiar synonyms, an excellent description with critical remarks on the differences between allied species and original drawings have been given. Ecology and general distribution have been indicated, with special reference to Scandinavia. In addition there is a glossary of technical terms, which is nearly identical to that in Dixon’s famous Student’s Handbook of British Mosses, though less extensive. Nevertheless it may be doubted whether this book actually fills a need in Scandinavian bryology. It is not suited for “workers in all fields of botany, forestry, limnology, etc.”, as the author suggests, since keys to the families are lacking. Besides, there is the excellent moss flora of Brotherus, Die Laubmoose Fennoscandias, not mentioned in this connection in the preface.