In the Flora of Tropical Africa C. B. Clarke (6) pointed out that in the collection of “Scleria foliosa Hochst., Abyssinia, prope Chire, Dillon & Petit” specimens of true S. foliosa Hochst. ex A. Rich. (4) are mixed with some of S. schimperiana Boeck. (1) and that “it would be very difficult to sort them without looking at the nut”. He referred S. dillonii Boeck. (2) to the synonymy of S. foliosa, and herein he was followed by all subsequent authors including Nelmes (3) and Robinson (5). However, already Boeckeler was aware of the fact that the Chire collection is a mixture, and on “S. foliosa Hb. Dillon et Petit. — an etiam Richardi? — pro parte (c. S. foliosa Hochst. intermixta)” he based his S. dillonii, different from S. foliosa mainly by its globose or depressed-globose, smooth nuts.